Wood Tax Service

If you've filed your taxes and are entitled to a refund, the IRS gives you several options for receiving it. I am registered with the IRS as a registered tax return prepare.  


   When you mail your return to the IRS, you'll generally receive your mailed
   refund check within 6 to 8 weeks. If you e-file your return, you should
   receive your refund check within 3 weeks. 

   Direct Deposit
E-file your return, and the IRS will deposit your refund in your bank account
   within 8 to 15 days. If you mail in your return, direct deposit generally takes
   5 to 7 weeks. 

   Federal Refund Anticipation Check (Federal RAC) 
   Pay for your tax preparation fees out of your federal RAC proceeds and pay
   no out-of-pocket expenses at the time of your tax preparation

   Refund Products    
Why wait weeks for your refund.  When you hire me to file your 2011 taxes I
   will inform you of all of the options that are available to put your refund in your
   pocket quickly.